Friday, August 7, 2009

Recent Unwashed Tomato releases!

As some of you know, my friend Andy and I recently released the debut album of our psytrance project, Unwashed Tomato. It is available for purchase as a digital download through our own web distribution hub, Tomato Music Online. You can find more information and samples of the album, as well as info on our upcoming shows and releases at our website
We can only accept payments through paypal, but if you dont have an account, it is simple and free to set one up! We did all of the work on the album, (production, mastering, artwork and promotion) and the websites (design, coding, etc) ourselves, so if any one wants advice on how to create a website or to make an online store, we would be more then willing to help.

I also had a short EP of one of my solo projects (Kabayun) released on the Canadian label D-A-R-K Records. The artwork was a collaboration between my friend Jeramie and I where we photographed an acrylic painting he had done and manipulated the colors in photoshop.

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