Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sharing a song

Hey friends,

all of your work is so rediculously rediculous. I'm pondering/crafting some work of my own, but mostly I'm on the acting grind. That's not an excuse or anything- seriously. cause like one day I'll be big right? and then who needs a forum for adventurous thinking and original ideas because I'll be hanging with Paris- am I right?


Now- I just tried to post a song to share- that didn't work. And I'd like to share some of my radioplays. But if a song doesn't work how will my radioplay work? Do I have to post it in print format? Do you guys even read?

Do you guys read?,
Ali in LA


  1. I read! but i'd rather hear your radio play then read it...what went wrong in the upload process?

  2. dude let me hear it. is there a link you can at least post?

  3. alimaphone - you're not the only one with uploading woes. Henry and I made a video and are having a hell of a time uploading it. The main problem is that we're in China (well, now I'm in Thailand) and anytime we visit the blog our computers get shut down by the government after a few minutes (especially after we try to sign in or upload new content). Hen and I found a way around it, using leprechauns and proxy servers, but then youtube killed our video because we used copyrighted material!! I'm not sure how you can upload just a song, but here are 2 ideas: record it, then upload it to Youtube as a "video" but without any visual stuff, just a black screen. Then you can embed that "video" in our blog. Or - fool around with the different gadgets we can add to our blog (sign is as admin) - maybe you'll find something there??